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Not all cattle are well suited to become AAT co workers. We watch them all in the paddock every day and over time choose the cattle that we will train. When you adopt a calf you get access to all the videos.

If some herd members aren't going to be specifically trained for AAT they still recieve a lot of love and attention. We know they will make fantastic paddock pets for families and retired people on small acreage wanting some outside company.

Some Cows and Calves in Training

The  heifer calf in the video below takes after her mother in personality. Her mother is calm, clever and displays a high degree of emotional intelligence. The heifer is being groomed and trained as an AAT co worker. We chose her because she will seek you out in the paddock for love and attention. If you appear not to notice her, she will ever so gently rub her face against you.

Little Heifer TwoDee

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Notice how much TwoDee enjoys the contact. She is a real smoocher and she loves kids too.

Little Cow Dimity

The little cow in the video below is only hours away from calving as she is being brushed here. The calf in the video with her is her calf Dixie from the year before. Dixie is shaping up to be an AAT co worker like her Mum. We were pretty sure that the new calf would be sweet and calm too.

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Dimity enjoying a brush an hour or so before she calved. Dixie wants attention as well.

Dimity & Ziggy Calf

In the video below is the same AAT cow Dimity only ten minutes after she calved that day. We knew straight away that the new calf would be well suited to AAT work as well. She was strong, determined and robust. Ziggy and her Mum Dimity both left us to start their new careers as AAT co-workers one week later. We always look forward to news of their progress.

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Dimity is one of the smallest cows. Her new calf Ziggy is only minutes old and hungry.

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