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Check out all these great cow cuddling photos. The strong bonds that can form between humans and cows has to be experienced first hand to be believed Next time you get the chance - cuddle a cow.

Cows Cuddling Cows

cow cuddle 1

Cows cuddle, lick, caress and stroke one another. They use their tongue, their face and their whole head sometimes. Sometimes they use their whole body to make contact with one another.

You cannot watch this exchange and not realise that this is a pleasurable exchange. That this behaviour is bring comfort and pleasure to both the cow giving and receiving the attention. Cows lick, and caress their calves. Cows lick and caress other cows and other cow's calves.

Calves lick and caress their mothers. Calves lick and caress one another. You can't deny the affection felt.

We've heard our cows purring like cats at times - we think these two are purring.

Cows Cuddling People

The dairy industry is one place where humans routinely come into contact with cows (lactacting cows in particular).

At the smaller diaries especially, dairy workers often form strong bonds with their cows.

On small farms where people still have a 'house cow' there is always a strong bond between the cow and the perosn who milks her regularly.

cow hug 4

Show of true affection - it is hard to tell who loves who the most here.

More people are starting to question where their food comes from and what goes into their food. For this reason more people are investigating the possibilities of keeping a house cow for milk.

Not all dairy cows are black and white. Many dairies in Australia are currently changing over to Jersey cows.

 Cows & People Cuddling

cow rest 2

Cows and their handlers are 'plum tuckered out'. Enjoying a little 'shut eye' together looks twice as relaxing.

One of the most common situations where you will find children with cattle is at the regional shows in country areas.

The other photo oportunity is at the Royal Exhibitions in the cities, when city meets country. 

Preparing and showing cattle can be exhausting for all concerned. All the grooming is a very special boding exchange for the cows and their handlers.

City people are often fascinated to see the relationship between country people and their animals.

Do You Have Cow Cuddle Photos?

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