Giselle Lüske

Giselle is a professional artist residing in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, near Canungra in Queensland Australia.

She teaches art classes in her Art Studio and firmly believes that drawing will teach you to see the world with different eyes.
We love the way Giselle's eyes and talents show us how she see cows.

The Artist That Paints Cows With a Message

We hope you appreciate Giselle's work as much as we do.

activitst cow

Title: Cow Activist... 

Please protect me - buy me and bring me to a safe place

Let me live with you, I am no trouble at all, I will moo very softly.

Look deep into my eyes - you are going to sleep - deep down, and as my moo continues you will go deeper and deeper into a sleep like state,

and when you wake up you will be a vegetarian.

 A message from the artist:

I am proud to be associated with the Activist Cow, it was an honour to paint her portrait.

I wish her all the best in her endeavour and a long and happy life. 

Yours faithfully, Giselle


Title: Coupling


Eat more Vegetables

Don't kill me, I am cute

One cow said to the other;
said the other; 

"that's what I just wanted to say"


You can see more of Giselle's work and information on art classes on her website.

And you can follow Giselle on facebook.


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