Roslyn Young

Roz (a.k.a. Rosilyn Young) has been painting professionally for over 20 years. Roz moved to Texas in the 1990's. At one point she and her children spent a year on a ranch in West Texas-and there her love for painting roosters and cows was born. While the owners of the ranch may have viewed the animals as potential meals, Roz saw them as giant, messy, amusing pets.

The Artist Who Sees Cows as Giant, Messy, Amusing Pets.

We hope you enjoy Roz's cow paintings as much as we do.


Cow 628... You can never be quite sure what a cow is thinking. 


Cow 576... You would be surprised to know some of the things that make a cow lick her lips - muesli, molasses, mandarins, paw paw cream ...


Cows 470... You might like to know that cows form strong bonds, choose best friends and can become inseparable. These cows could almost pass as Cuddle Cows!

You can see more of Roz's work on her website.


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