Diane Whitehead

We just love it when we find people who see cows like we do - as absolutely beautiful. Diane Whitehead is one of those people. Diane has been in love with animals since early childhood. She studied Business in College, all the while yearning for the outdoors and oil paints. After working “regular jobs” for several years, she finally jumped back into painting animals and the beauty around her.

The Artist With the Brush That Loves Cows

We hope you enjoy Diane's paintings as much as we do.


Purple cows... we believe cows come in every color of the rainbow.


Us three cows... we know cows need to be part of a herd to feel safe.

sibling-cows-diane-whitehead (1)

Sibling cows... we know that cows have family ties that are very, very strong.

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Sweet cow face... we know a sweet cow face can make even the worst day better.

Diane says, "Animals are my muse. The scratch of the paw, pounce of a hoof, gesture of the head, alert ear, quiet stride, powerful shape, ancient wisdom. All come to play with the shapes I see as I paint."


Cow buddies... we know cow form friendships that last a lifetime.

You can see more of Diane Whitehead's work on her  website.


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