Cowabunga Comebacks

There is nothing quite like a good, quick, pithy comeback to put a bully on the back foot. We are calling our comebacks Cow - a- Bunga Comebacks. The word 'Cowabunga' is used to express satisfaction or delight. funny funny 600It was once used by surfers and then later by the Teenage Ninja turtles. Both groups have plenty of attitude and because it sounded kind of 'cowish' we thought we would use it again here.

We hope that being able to use one of these comebacks will fill you with delight or satisfaction.

Dealing with Bullying Taunts

It is hard to know what to say when you have been cornered by a bully or singled out in public. A clever comeback is usually one of those "Oh I should have said... Could have said"... things that only comes to you after the situation has passed.

So, we have wracked our brains to come up with some comebacks to share with you and a few comebacks that have worked for others. We have illustrated them hoping they will stick in your mind (and be there when you need them the most!)

Cowabunga Comback Hall of Fame

Please if you have some clever, pithy replies that have worked for you, let us know so we can share them here.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 senseless BS 600

1. Delivered in a world weary tone this one may even win friends and influence people. You can say BS is you would like to stay polite.

im fat

2. When your weight (fat, chubby, overwieght) is being targeted - this might relieve the pressure.


 2. Another one for when your weight (over weight or under weight) is being targeted.

big 600

2. When your height or size (big, tall) is being targeted - this might relieve the pressure.

funfilled 600

3. When there are bystanders that could be swayed your way try this one.

Keeping It Short & Sweet

.words 1 600

4. Short and sweet. Can be said in a non committal way or in a questioning tone.

funny funny 600

5. If you can muster up a slightly facetious tone to deliver this one all the better.

OK Im Hurt 1 600

6. Try a little mock horror and put one hand or two on your heart when you say this.



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