Bullies Choose a Target

Bullies are usually particular about what they look for in a target.  The following is a list of what a bully may look for in a target.

Not Weak Just aTarget

Remember, bullies need not target someone because they are weak.

1. You may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bullies are predatory and opportunistic. 

2. You may just be being good at your school work/your job/ something the bully wants to be seen as good at.

3. You may just be being popular with people - the bully fears exposure of their inadequacy and incompetence, your presence, popularity and competence unknowingly and unwittingly fuel that fear.

4. You may just be being the expert and the person to whom people come to for advice - you are getting more attention than the bully. Jealousy and envy are strong motivators of bullying.

5. You may just have one vulnerability that can be exploited. Bullies are predatory and opportunistic.


Work Place Bullying

In the work place bullying may involve the following actions.

1. Unwarranted or invalid  Read more


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