Ruby Rose & Her Paddock Pals

Gold Creek Ruby Rose is the sweetest little thing. She is a full blood Miniature White Galloway heifer calf. Ruby is perfectly marked and has beautiful black points (points are the ears, eyes, nose and hooves).

Ruby Rose was born on 26 May 2012 and was named after her ‘Mum’ Winter Rose. As a rule, we name all the registered heifer calves after their Mums. Lets face it, it is the Mums that put in all the hard work after all.


Ruby peeking through the grass - only days olds and super alert.

Ruby was Winter Rose’s first calf. As is sometimes the case with first time mothers, Rose doesn’t have a lot of milk. Our Galloway herd acts as a cohesive family and the older cows were pretty quick to realise that Rose and Ruby needed some help. So, Ruby has been seen suckling from four different cows including her mother.

I seriously thought I had been training Ruby to go to the other cows for milk. In truth, I think the cattle have been training me. When Ruby sees me coming she looks at me and looks at the nearest cow and looks back at me, and then over to the cow we both go. I brush the cow while Ruby feeds. If I stop brushing, the cow moves away. If the cow moves away Ruby stares up at me accusingly. I start to brush the cow again and the cow stands still and Ruby drinks hard and fast. So, the question remains - who is training who? Read more...

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