Cool Facts About Cows

clblue Cows are fascinating animals and most of us really do not know nearly enough about them - we are hoping to change that. Here are a few interesting snippets to get you started. If you have some interesting information about cows This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with an email.

 Did you know these things about cattle...

c lgrene Cattle have 32 teeth. But in front of their mouth, on the top, they have a dental pad and no teeth. This makes biting really short grass harder.

c yellow Cattle have an acute sense of smell and can smell something up to 10km away.

c orang Cattle can climb up stairs, but cannot climb down because their knees cannot bend properly.


 c red On average, a cow stands up and sits down about fourteen times a day.

 c orang A cow has about 45 litres of blood in her body, so her blood is always on the move around the udder to keep making milk. Dairy cows are artificially induced to constantly produce milk.

c yellow Naturally cows only produce milk when they are feeding a calf.

short grass

c lgrene Cattle have 32 teeth. But in front of their mouth, on the top, they have a dental pad and no teeth. This makes biting really short grass harder.

clblueThe ancestor of domestic cattle are the extinct aurochs.

c dblue Cattle are ruminants, meaning that they have a digestive system that allows use of otherwise indigestible foods by regurgitating and re-chewing them as 'cud'.

calf to milk

c purpleA cow gives milk for the first time, only after she gives birth to a calf. It takes 50 to 70 hours for a cow to turn grass into milk and most cows give about 25 litres of milk a day. (Dairy cows, beef cattle produce less because they are only feeding their calf).

c red For every litre of milk the cow makes, more than 400 litres of blood must travel around the udder to deliver the nutrients and water for making milk. (Dairy cows)


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