A Cuddle Cow Herd Story

We all know how it feels to be new to a group. Every day someone somewhere is the new kid at school, the new player on a team or the new kid on the block. Becoming part of any new group usually means gaining acceptance. And it is not always easy. 

With cattle and herds, it is exactly the same. Any cow coming into a new herd must spend time gaining the acceptance of the herd. Herds are a bit like teams, every member of the herd has a role to play and there is a hierarchy (there is a leader or a captain and vice captains and all that sort of thing).

The following story is an example of gaining acceptance in a new group. It is one little cow's brave adventure when she first joined the Cuddle Cow herd. Mrs Mac was the Cuddle Cow herd leader at the time and it is the leader's job to always be on the lookout for danger and problems in the paddocks. On this day, Mrs Mac needed someone to be on the lookout for her. Luckily for her, a new cow called Ginger was standing away from the herd on her own and she could see Mrs Mac was in trouble. Ginger just happened to be a little cow in the right place, at the right time and a very brave little cow at that.

Ginger - the New Kid on the Block

Mrs Mac had taken herself off to one corner of the paddock to calve. All cows do this when they are ready to calve. We had noticed Mrs Mac (Mac for short) doing ‘the maternity march’ earlier in the day so we were casually keeping an eye on her. Just before lunch, we walked over to check the progress. Sure enough, Mac had just had her calf. She was busy licking her little wet bundle and occasionally looking around. She couldn't see us, so we kept our distance and just watched.

Things seemed to be progressing nicely and we were about to walk away when we noticed Mac had become very agitated. She had stopped licking the calf. She was turning around and around frantically trying to get the afterbirth to come away. As each part of the wet mass presented itself Mac ate it in great hurried gulps. Something was bothering her and we couldn't work out what was wrong. Read on...

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