Holy Cow! Quadruplets

Quaduplet calves are 1-in-180-million

By Anna Lanfreschi

updated 8:35 AM EST, Mon January 09, 2012


c yellow  Cow gives birth to rare quadruplet female calves in California

c lgrene The four calves are two sets of twins -- identical and fraternal

clblue The odds for healthy all-girl bovine quadruplets are 1 in 180 million


What are the odds of all-girl quadruplet calves being born and actually surviving the birth? That would be 1 in 179.2 million, according to HLN affiliate KRCR. And on a California dairy farm, the stars aligned and mama cow gave birth to four healthy baby cows.

The heifer calves were born on December 6 in Orland, California, and a local veterinarian confirmed they are indeed quadruplets. KRCR reports that Dr. Michael Karle ran DNA tests using the calves’ hair and learned that two of them are identical twins, while the other two are fraternal.

Dairy farmer John Zuppan told the Chico Enterprise Record that in his 69 years on the job, this is a first. Karle first thought the cow was only having one pair of twins, which is rare enough. He said twins are born about 1 percent of the time. So he was especially stunned to see her give birth to quadruplets.

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