Jelly Bean – A Calf's First Year

GOLD CREEK Jelly Bean was born on the 24th of November. Her ‘Mum’ Chuca  (pronounced - chew ka - short for Echuca) is a beautiful purebred Miniature White Galloway cow. Jelly Bean is Chuca's second calf. Cuddles is Jelly Bean's Grandmother. Chuca takes after her Mum Cuddles, so she is a very confident, capable cow with a friendly personality.

Jelly Bean's Dad is Nemo, a full blood Miniature White Galloway bull. He is a gentle sweet natured bull - so all in all Jelly Bean is off to a good start. We hope Jelly Bean takes after her Mum, her Grandmother and her Dad.

Jelly Bean 1 day.png

 Jelly Bean wants to know what I smell like. She is not the least bit wary of me because Mum has given us the 'OK'.

The calves are always curious about the camera. So getting a photo can be difficult because they just want to get their tongue or their nose onto anything that looks remotely unusual or interesting.

Chuca had Jelly Bean in the very early hours of the morning. She had taken herself away from the herd and was laying proudly in a secluded patch of rainforest when we found her just before breakfast. Jelly Bean was all clean, fed and laying peacefully next to Mum. Chuca has strong maternal instincts so Jelly Bean will be very well looked after.

Chuca was not always the strong maternal type though. When she was a heifer she was not interested in calves at all. She was especially not pleased when her mother had a new calf. 'Chuca was not keen on babysitting duty and she was sprung a couple of times wandering off when she was supposed to be 'on the job'. She was also caught giving her little sister 'what for' when she thought no one was looking. All part of sisterly love and establishing the herd order.

Echuca  Huggie August 2011

Jelly Bean's Mum when she was 14mths old giving her little sister 'what for'.

Chuca has come a long way since that photo was taken. When she had her own calf Holly she became the best mother. Her little sister Huggie is now pregnant and will become a Mum herself next year too.

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Chuca had Jelly Bean still separate from the herd when she was two days old. She was very protective of Jelly Bean when Jasper, the little white bull calf came over to check out the new girl.

Calves spend their days sleeping, eating and testing out everything they find in the paddock (mostly with their tongues). They take their cues from the older calves and the bull. The cows are usually too busy eating for two (if not three, if they go straight back into calf) to have any time to show the calves too much attention past feeding and grooming them.

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Jasper is determined to say 'Hello' to Jelly Bean but Chuca wants her to be clean and fed first.

Having lots of calves all around the same age in the paddocks is always fun to watch. The differences between the boy (bull) and girl (heifer) calves becomes more obvious as they grow. 

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