Mascot Hall of Fame Travel Logs

When we first started sending out our little mascots we were not quite sure what sort of reception they would get. The feedback so far has been fantastic.

New Homes New Ideas

Some people have purchased the mascots for themselves and others for family members as gifts.gus A couple of people have bought them as toys for their pampered pooches. No matter where and why they have gone, the reception they have received has been great.

Everyone loves them to bits. We have really enjoyed the stories of their arrivals in their new homes. We have decided to share some of them with you here.

Banjo mascots have to get past our older dog Gus first. They cannot be left unattended or he will snaffle them and take them to his bed.  Then we approach Gus to get the plushie, Gus refuses to 'Give'.

Gus - his best gangster attitude... "OK ... one step closer and the little bull gets it!"

We will keep the stories and the photos coming as they are sent to us. Go to Huggie Travel Log & Photos and Banjo Travel Log & Photos to check it out.


MEET Huggie

Kissit 2

MEET Matilda


MEET Banjo


SHOP Huggie

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