Calf Adoptions & You

Hush adoptYou can adopt a Cuddle Cow or Calf. The adoption fee is just $75.00 and you can do it online. Click to adopt now. You can choose a calf, a cow, a bull or an older heifer from the Cuddle Cow herd.

You can adopt as many cows or calves as you like. The adoptions cost less as you adopt more cattle. 

After you have made your payment online, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   telling us how many cows and or calves you would like to adopt and include a copy of your payment receipt. We will organise your adoption certificate, an invitation to visit your calf and login details. We will send them to you straight away so you can get online ASAP and check out what is happening with your adopted calf. Adoption certificates can be ready in less than 24hrs of your order.

You Can Visit Your Calf

Calf adoptions include an invite to visit your calf. When you are ready to come and visit your adopted calf you simply email us and we will arrange a time and a day. The herd now resides in the granite based pastures of Braidwood in Southern NSW Australia. You can bring your family and your friends and everyone can meet your calf, their family and their friends!

adoptions you

Huggie loves showing visitors her beautiful little Kismet calf. (Huggie in the middle, Snuggle is behind Huggie.)

To organise multiple adoptions simply contact Cuddles with an  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adoption - Symbolic Gesture

TwoDee  Bruno-002Adopting a real Cuddle Cow or Calf is a symbolic gesture - you are saying you care. Our cattle want for nothing, unfortunately not all farm animals are as fortunate as ours. Profits from adoptions now support farm animal shelters and sanctuaries. So, although you don't get to keep the real calf, you do get to help a lot of other animals and you get an invite to visit your calf on the Cuddle Cow Farm.

When you adopt a calf you are sent your personal login details so you can visit online every day if you like, at our Adoption Centre.

The Adoption Centre Menu is your window into the lives of the calves and their paddock pals. There are calf journals, photos and videos on all the day to day happenings on the Cuddle Cow Farm. There is so much more to the lives of these calves than just eating, sleeping and drinking.

hope calfYou can email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time and ask questions about your calf or any of their paddock pals.

You can send photos, drawings and letters to your adopted calves. You can have as little or as much interaction with your adopted calf as you like. (Within reason, we don't want to have to put a bed in the paddock for you!)


Banjo & Huggie Plush Purchases

You can adopt a calf and you can purchase one of our beautiful, cuddly limited edition Banjo or Huggie custom plushie and you can do both - adopt a calf and purchase a plushie.

Banjo and Huggie custom plushies put smiles on faces when they arrive. Adoptions can put a smile on your face every day when you check in on your calf online.

  Huggie FB

HUGGIE: Limited edition custom plush Huggie mascots are Miniature White Galloway heifer calves with dun points (ears, nose & hooves). Huggie loves to be hugged.

Banjo FB 332jp 

BANJO: Limited edition custom plush Banjo mascots are Miniature White Galloway bull calves with black points (ears, nose & hooves). Banjo loves being a baby bull.

Farm Animal Shelters & Sanctuaries

The purchase of Banjo and Huggie mascots not only make adoptions super special, they also support farm animals not as fortunate as ours. Profits from adoptions and purchases now go to farm animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organisations in Australia.

"Cows trained to make people's lives better are cows living better lives." 


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