Your Adoption Package Includes

Every Cuddle Calf Adoption includes:

1. Your Certificate of Adoption for a real cow or calf (this is a symbolic adoption - the real cattle stay on the Cuddle Cow farm) preview

2. Your Invitation to visit your real adopted cow or calf on the Cuddle Cow farm.

3. Your Personal Login Details allowing you to keep up to date with the life of your adopted Cuddle Cow or calf and all the other real Cuddle Calves in the paddock online. There will be journals, videos and stories, especially for you to enjoy. 

4. Your special email address where you can write to Cuddle Cow Carers. They can get you all the information you would like about all the Cuddle Cows and Calves on the farm. The Cuddle Cow Carers are also there to help you with other questions you might have on bullying and other things that you have to deal with when you are having a rough day.

5. Your opportunity to purchase a gorgeous cuddly custom plush Banjo or Huggie. Each limited edition character has email address tattoo on their hoof so you can contact us anytime (Custom plush Banjo & Huggie are only an extra $25.00 on top of your $75.00 fee (or $50.00 if you have not).

      Buy Huggie with an adoption now.                      Buy Banjo with an adoption now.

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