Calf Adoption - The Benefits

Adoption-Certificate-SampleA $50.00 adoption fee gives you access to the Adoption Centre (unlike the average Cuddle Cow website viewer). From the Calf Adoption Centre on our this website you get access to all the inside information on the lives of the real cuddle cows and calves in their paddocks. This is information that everyone else misses out on.

When you adopt a calf, you can go to Cow Cam and watch the cows and calves enjoying their everyday lives in the paddock. You can see video footage of cows and calves being trained for Animal Assisted Therapy. You might even get really lucky and see a real live Cuddle Calf being born. Adoptions allow people to better understand how amazing cattle can be - if given half a chance.

The videos allow you to watch cows and calves being prepared to become someone's favourite paddock pet.

The journals keep you up to date on the everyday antics of the cows and calves. The interesting things the individual calves and their paddock pals do are photographed, videoed and written about - so you don't miss out.

The stories, journals and regular updates make for fascinating reading. It is not only fun, but a real insight into the lives of cattle, herd behaviour. The relationships between herd members and the relationships between the cattle and the people who look after and work with them is also interesting. You can learn a lot about people from cows!

You can enjoy a bit of fact mixed with fiction, as there will be a library of stories about the antics of Huggie and Banjo and all the other real cows and calves. The adventures of the calves and all the fun they get up to in the paddocks can be very entertaining.

Adoptions Mean Good Things Happen

Huggie frameWhen you adopt a real calf and or purchase a custom plush Banjo or a Huggie limited edition calf you are supporting the cows and calves being trained as paddock pets, companion animals and Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) co-workers. This makes it possible for more cows to live longer, happier lives.

By becoming paddock pets, companion cows and AAT co-workers our Cuddle Cows are helping the people they spend time with to live longer, happier lives too.

Plus when the profits from adoptions and plush purchases go to farm animal shelters and sanctuaries, you play a part in helping farm animals less fortunate than our Cuddle Cows.

How good is that for a $50.00 adoption fee or $80.00 for an adoption and a custom plush Banjo or Huggie?

Adoptions for Birthdays, Anniversaries & Christmas

Banjo rainbow frameCuddle Calves have been adopted and custom plushes have been purchased as a gift to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, as Christmas presents and just for the sheer pleasure of it.

The person who has adopted the calf is formally invited to visit the real life calves at the farm and get their boots dirty if they like.

If the adoption was a gift then the gift giver is also welcome - our calves love visitors.  

 "Cows trained to make people's lives better are cows living better lives."

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