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D smallrainbow 2Cuddle Cows are docile miniature cattle. They live in Braidwood in Southern NSW, Australia. These cattle are trained as paddock pets, companion animals and AAT co-workers. Our cows are trained to help make people's lives better. Our cows are living better lives. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  youtube

rainbow 2 You can adopt a Cuddle Calf for anyone for just $75.00. You are invited to visit your calf and the Cuddle Cow herd at the farm.

Our Cuddle Cows are positively amazing. We want all cows to live better lives! You are helping to make this happen just by being here!! Read more...


rainbow 2You can buy a Custom Plush Banjo or Huggie for $50.00 (postage included).

rainbow 2Your Cuddle Calf adoptions support Australian farm animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organisations.

rainbow 2Your custom plush purchases support the training of these cattle.

rainbow 2 You are invited to visit your adopted Miniature White Galloway cow or calf."

If you want to see the Cuddle Cows wandering around on their farm, arrange a visit or go toyoutube

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